Who Is Vanessa Nadal? All About Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Wife

When it comes to public attention, Lin-Manuel Miranda is no rookie. The actor and composer is a frequent sight on red carpets and at award events thanks to his roles in such critically acclaimed productions as Encanto, Tick, Tick… Boom!, and In the Heights.

Miranda has already won two Emmys, three Grammys, and three Tonys, putting him in an excellent position to become the youngest person ever to win an EGOT.

However, the nearly two-decade-long relationship between Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and their wife Vanessa Nadal is something he keeps pretty quiet. They have been married since 2010, and they have two little sons.

After Nadal tested positive for COVID-19 in March 2022, Miranda decided to skip the Academy Awards as a precaution.

After the announcement, Nadal took to Twitter to express his gratitude to everyone who had sent him best wishes. “I appreciate everyone who prayed for me and sent me positive energy.

Thanks to my loving family, I’m feeling better and back to normal ” She penned” She also made a point of mentioning her husband and expressing support for Miranda’s coworkers on the Oscar-nominated films Tick, Tick… Boom! and Encanto.

Who, then, is Miranda’s biggest fan? Read on to learn more about Nadal and her married life with her long-term partner.

Vanessa Nadal And Miranda Attended The Same High School

Nadal’s future husband also went to Hunter College High School in New York City, where he met his future wife. In his senior year, Miranda developed a slight crush on Nadal, who at the time was a sophomore, but he was too timid to approach her.

Vanessa NadaSource: People

“She was stunning, and I have a terrible track record with women I find attractive. Simply said, I’m not really competitive “as he explained to the New York Times back in 2010.

Laura Weidman, a classmate of Nadal’s at Hunter, echoed these sentiments, saying that while Nadal was very focused on her schoolwork, Miranda was often the center of attention and “a ball of activity.”

She revealed that “she was never seeking to be popular.” She was so focused on her tests that she danced her way through the halls.

On Facebook, Miranda Attempted To Contact Her

Miranda finally worked up the nerve to contact Nadal in 2005, long after they had last seen each other in school, while they were both browsing through their Facebook profiles. When he saw her profile, he knew he had to ask her to see his hip-hop improv group, Freestyle Love Supreme, play.

Despite the obvious attraction between them, Miranda was too shy to approach him at first due to the vast number of people in the area. Actually, he had a pal grab Nadal’s contact info for him. After a few weeks, Miranda contacted Nadal to invite her to another one of his gigs, and this time, things really took off.

YouTube video

“To be honest, my first thought as he walked up onstage was, “I really like this guy.” He was just rhyming and freestyling up there. It’s a remarkable achievement. And I mean extremely, really brilliant “, Nadal informed The Times. From there, things progressed rapidly, and in a matter of months, they were swapping apartment keys and “I love yous.”

Vanessa Nadal Is A Chemical Engineer And Lawyer

LinkedIn indicates that Nadal earned a degree in chemical engineering from M.I.T. in 2004. She got her start in her area after college as an intern at Johnson & Johnson’s research and development department and was eventually hired on full-time.

Nadal decided to leave his job at Johnson & Johnson and enroll in Fordham University School of Law in 2007. She started her career as soon as she graduated, working with Jones Day until 2016 when she made the decision to go out on her own.

Nadal joined the faculty of her alma institution as an adjunct instructor in 2019. According to LinkedIn, she helped establish the first law school program on Cosmetics Regulation, which examines “the government, industrial, and societal regulation of cosmetics and other personal care goods.”

Vanessa Nadal Is A Parent Twice Over

In addition to Sebastian and Francisco, Nadal and Miranda also have a daughter, Ines. Nadal and her husband Sebastian welcomed their first child in 2014, then in 2017, when attending the London Evening Standard Theater Awards, Nadal announced she was pregnant again.

When a fan enquired if Nadal was pregnant, Miranda responded that the baby bump on his wife’s stomach pretty much answered the question for them. And what was his reply to that? Playbill claims, “Oh hell yeah.”

The birth of Francisco was announced by Miranda to her followers on Twitter two months later. “Interior Nighttime Hospital Room [The shouts build to a frenzy. Here comes FRANCISCO MIRANDA. His weight is exactly 7 lb. 13 oz. Intermission, “They were all his, he said.

It’s clear that Sebastian and Francisco share their father’s passion for music.

In an interview with ABC’s Close Up podcast host Kelley Carter, Miranda said, “I have two very talented and intelligent and creative kids who — and who knows if they would be doing this if I didn’t do what I do for a career — but they make up songs.”

Miranda Has A Tattoo In Vanessa Nadal Honor

In 2017, Miranda received a tattoo of the capital letter “V” on his ring finger as a permanent expression of his love for his wife.

The writer posted a picture of his new tattoo on Twitter with the caption, “In other news, I got a permanent parking spot for V over the weekend.”

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