A Florida Golfer Was Detained After Fatally Beating An 87-year-old Man After A Car Dispute

After reportedly assaulting a guy on a golf course in June, a Florida suspect was most recently detained on suspicion of manslaughter.

On July 27, one case of aggravated manslaughter against an elderly person was brought against Robert Edward Moore Jr., 76. Dean William Zook, 87, the victim, passed just a few weeks after the altercation as a result of his wounds.

The altercation started on June 28 at the Glenview County Club in The Villages, according to an arrest document obtained by FOX 35 Orlando. Moore and the victim got into a fight after the victim unintentionally hit a car Moore thought was his.

The affidavit stated that “at the time, an unknown white male subject approached the scene of the minor accident and exclaimed, ‘What the hell, you hit my car!'” “The victim sought to exchange insurance information and admitted that his car had struck the other car. The 87-year-old victim was then pushed backwards after the unidentified assailant smacked him in the jaw with a clinched hand.

Zook made an effort to defend himself with his hands but was unsuccessful. When Moore realized the car was not his, he departed.

Zook grew slurred and wobbly during an interview with deputies. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where medical professionals found that his brain was bleeding.

On July 16, Zook passed away, one day before he turned 88. After discovering a report about Moore’s hole-in-one in November 2022, police were able to apprehend him because he was still sporting the same pair of shorts, shoes, and sunglasses.

According to reports, Moore informed deputies that he believed Zook was attempting to flee the site of the collision. He added that he didn’t know the victim’s age.

The affidavit claimed that the defendant “admitted to knowing the victim was older and appeared frail, but stated he did not think he was 87 years of age.”

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Moore was taken to the Sumter County Detention Center after his arrest, which went without a hitch. He was detained under a $30,000 bond.

The event is being aggressively investigated by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. There are currently no additional details available.

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