Jeimer Candelario Trade: Chicago Cubs Got The Nationals Infielder

The Chicago Cubs have acquired third baseman Jeimer Candelario from the Washington Nationals in ahead of the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline.

The Cubs were expected to be sellers at the trade deadline this season, but they shocked everyone by securing one of the top position players available. They are now accumulating instead of subtracting as a result of their most recent victories.

Candelario is a dependable cornerback who can also play on offense. He is batting.258, which is more than he did during his career.

Thanks in part to his 16 home runs, he became an enticing target for a number of teams throughout the league. The Cubs now clearly have a postseason spot in mind with their new team.

Jeimer Candelario Trade

The Chicago Cubs were expected to sell at the trade deadline a month ago, but since then, they have acquired one of the best options available.

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Jeimer Candelario Made An Immediate Impact on the Chicago Cubs

One of the most winnable divisions in Major League Baseball right now is the National League Central, where the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers sit ahead of the Chicago Cubs. They are only five games down and undoubtedly believe they can catch up. If so, the Cubs would have a good chance of winning even if the race was close.

Their team is well-balanced, with pitchers like Marcus Stroman and players who are ready to compete at the greatest level. They could have needed to bring on Jeimer Candelario to make the game-changing play.

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