Welcome To Plathville: Are Ethan And Olivia Plath Still Together In 2023?

Are Ethan And Olivia Plath Still Together? The Plath family on Welcome to Plathville has strong opinions about certain topics. Like, for example, the public education system and sugar.

But when it comes to relationships, divorce is likely also out of the question. Fans were left wondering about the status of Ethan and Olivia Plath’s marriage after they encountered some difficulties.

The Plaths are a large, religiously devout family, very unlike the Duggars of the popular television series 19 Kids and Counting and its spinoff, Counting On.

Although Ethan doesn’t seem too thrilled with the label “rebel,” that’s what he looks to be in the larger scheme of things. He may be one of the rare people for whom divorce isn’t an absolute no-go.

Are Ethan and Olivia Still Together?

By the time they came back for season 4 of Welcome to Plathville, Olivia and Ethan were living together again and had moved to Tampa with Ethan’s sister Moriah Plath and Olivia’s brother Nathan.

“It feels amazing to be back together,” Ethan said on the season 4 launch of the show in May 2022. Given how close we came to divorcing and going our own ways, this is especially true.

While the couple was focused on healing their marriage and working on spending more time together, they still struggled with communication challenges.

They clashed because Ethan had hidden a secret from Olivia that he got another new car to fix up a new old car while they were separated. Olivia stated she was concerned because Ethan uses his hobby of fixing automobiles to hide from their marital issues.

It looked like Ethan and Olivia was able to go over the disagreement; things got even more intense on the July 26 episode.

Kim and Barry’s breakup made the family decide to celebrate what would have been Joshua Plath’s fifteenth birthday by paying their respects at his cemetery. Joshua passed away in 2008, just before he turned fifteen.

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Ethan decided to go to the burial and be with his mother, Kim, for the first time amid their separation and he anticipated Olivia to put the turmoil with his mom for the somber occasion. However, Olivia did not choose to accompany the rest of the family to the grave site and instead stood in the car while everyone else gathered.

When Olivia confronted Ethan about being “mean” to her that day, the two got into a heated argument because Ethan believed Olivia had created a “tantrum” and was making the day about herself rather than his late sibling.

“I feel like you were nasty since you didn’t show up to my dead brother’s burial, so that’s on you,” he fired back at his wife before walking away.

After the trip, Ethan and his mother, Kim, had a quiet talk and decided that would be the first step in mending their strained relationship. The rift between Olivia and Ethan deepened when she rejected Kim’s attempts to mend their relationship.

But it appears that Olivia and Ethan have gotten through the rocky patch that was brought on by family strife.

In June 2022, Olivia took part in the then-trending practice of posting videos on TikTok in which users showcased their partners’ text messaging exchanges, whether humorous or tedious. “Gotta adore him,” she wrote under the video of her husband’s text messages to her.

How Come Ethan and Olivia Plath Broke Up?

The newlyweds had a rocky beginning to their marriage. Immediately following their 2018 nuptials, Olivia and Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath, butted heads.

Because Olivia did not share the Plaths’ conservative values, she frequently disobeyed their rules—which included no television, no cellphones or computers, and no sugary soda—and caused tension between Kim and Barry.

Are Ethan And Olivia Plath Still TogetherSource: Intouchweekly

After the dust settled from the family turmoil, however, the relationship between Ethan and Olivia began to show signs of strain. It seemed to Olivia that Ethan was avoiding their problems rather than confronting them, and the two of them had trouble communicating as a result. And then there was the fact that Olivia was unhappy in Cairo, where she and her family currently resided, and wanted to relocate to a larger city, while Ethan was adamant about staying put.

Olivia informed her husband, “I really want to live in a bigger city, I truly want to be more stimulated.” Asked if he would ever return to his preferred setting, Ethan replied, “Probably not ever.”

After much deliberation, Olivia decided to leave the marital house and start a new life apart from her husband. She said, “I can’t have a relationship with him until he decides what he wants.” “I’m going to be staying at a friend’s place for the time being.”

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