90 Day Fiance: Are Jesse And Jennifer Still Together In 2023?

A conversation that began in the DMs. Jeniffer Tarazona and Jesse Meester, stars of 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life, met on the set of the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with their respective ex-spouses. Are Jesse And Jennifer Still Together? Find out if Jeniffer and Jesse are dating or not by reading on.

Before “90 Day Fiance: The Single Life,” How Did Jenifer And Jesse First Meet?

After sparking dating speculations in June 2021 when Jeniffer of Bucaramanga tweeted a PDA-filled image with a mystery blond male, the couple later confirmed on social media that they were really “taken.”

Season 2 of the Discovery+ offshoot 90 Day Fiancé featured Jeniffer’s revelation that the couple had met on social media. “I sent a message to him, but he didn’t react,” Jeniffer said in her frank account of their relationship. Time elapsed so slowly in between each transmission. He finally saw my mail a whole year later.

The couple documented their first meeting for the spinoff on their YouTube channel and confessed they weren’t sure if they wanted to be a part of it at first.

The show eventually picked up on it, Jesse said in March of 2022. Since “this” (the relationship) was “so real,” neither of us wanted anything to change it. We seriously questioned whether or not we wanted to be connected with [the show] once more. Thus, we engaged in protracted discussions over the matter.

Who From ’90 Day Fiance’ Did Jesse And Jenifer Formerly Date?

Following their breakups with other franchise members Tim Malcolm and Darcey Silva, Jeniffer and Jesse’s romance blossomed.

Darcey had earlier told Entertainment Tonight in January 2022, “I wasn’t surprised; that’s Jesse’s style.” “Furthermore, a former cast member from, say, Before the 90 Days was required. I adored him, and I hold Jenifer in high esteem.”

In his appearance at the Bares All reunion in October 2021, Tim predicted that the couple’s chemistry would eventually come to a halt.

He commented, “They look like they were made for each other.” “They are both narcissistic and self-absorbed. They’re perfect for each other, but eventually, it’ll just fizzle away. The odds of them staying together over the long haul are astronomically low; he’d better have substantial pockets to keep her pleased.”

In January 2022, Jeniffer Filmed An Episode Of The Single Life In Which She Confronts Her Ex About His Statements

“I am an architect and fashion designer; I don’t need money from a man,” the Colombian woman snapped back.

“The fact that we exercise every day, that we get up at five in the morning, meditate, go run 10 kilometers every day, love each other, and take care of ourselves — that is not being self-centered, that is having self-respect and self-love. I hope you learn to stop being so cynical and arrogant someday.

The native of Amsterdam spoke up for his girlfriend and added, “You love to talk about others to keep yourself relevant.”

Are Jesse And Jennifer Still Together?

Before the show, Jeniffer and Jesse had hinted at having a “J and J” baby together in order to host Shaun Robinson. However, there were problems in paradise.

Jesse first dropped hints of grief in a September 2022 TikTok set to somber piano music.

With the message, “You don’t know sorrow until you’re sad wondering why the person you loved would do you like that,” he explained that the experience of sadness is necessary to really understand the anguish of losing someone close to you.

YouTube video

Many viewers of “Single Life” took to the comments area to theorize about tensions amongst the cast members. One supporter reassured the author, “There are lots of fish in the sea; you will find love again.” A third wrote, “Jesse. Know how much affection for you there is. Sadly, she did not measure up to your standards. Just keep going, okay?

A week later, Jeniffer’s agent said the couple had not actually broken up but were going through a bad patch in their long-distance relationship and were living apart.

In an exclusive statement to In Touch magazine on September 13, Jeniffer’s representative claimed, “Jesse and Jen are currently separated owing to their own goals; they had to temporarily distance themselves from each other geographically to focus on their projects and work.”

They care strongly about each other and are committed to maintaining their friendship.

The pair posted a touching tribute to their relationship on Instagram on September 29. This photo has such meaning and conveys such strong feelings,” the caption stated. “When I look at it, I think of us and the love we have, the passion we feel for one another, the trust we have in one another, and the courage we share. Te amo.”

Are Jenifer And Jesse Going To Get Back Together?

During the 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all reunion, Debbie Johnson confronted Jesse about his time spent with Jeniffer.

Are Jesse And Jennifer Still TogetherSource: TV Season Spoilers

Jesse said that people were “misinterpreting” his relationship with the Colombian native since he and Colt Johnson are not “together physically,” in response to a question from Colt Johnson’s famous mother about whether the couple had broken up.

Jesse realizes that he and Jeniffer are “truly in love with each other,” in spite of the lingering aches in their relationship.

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