90-Day Fiancé Season 9: Are Yve And Mohamed Still Together?

Episode 9 of the 90s In the film Day Fiancé, Yvette Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamid face several challenges. we will read about Are Yve And Mohamed Still Together in this article.

They had to take into account not only the fact that the American acupuncturist was 24 years older than the Egyptian fitness nut but also their respective religions and cultures.

Is it true that Yve and Mohamed are no longer dating? If you want to know where Yvette and Mohamed stand in terms of their relationship, scroll down.

Are Yve And Mohamed Still Together?

Neither was Mohamed exaggerating. At one point in the May 2022 episode, the Egyptian character explains, “My perfect wife is a woman who will love me like my mother.”

The couple then appeared in Yve’s kitchen, where she handed Mohamed a carton of eggs and a skillet, and a spatula and expected him to make himself breakfast.

Because my mother has always cooked for me, Yve has made me irritable because I always expect her to do the same. After saying to the producers, “I expect Yve to do the same,” the actor stated his expectations. Another scene shows the couple arguing because she is exposing too much skin.

As Yve was driving with Mohamed in the passenger seat, she became irritated with him and scolded him. You informed me, “You’re wearing a bikini. You’re a nudist! No, I did not go nude. “I don’t want others to pass judgment on me.”

In a subsequent confessional, she told the producers, “I don’t want to be judged.” I’m an adult now. There was a quick cut to Mohammed proposing to Yve, and he said, “You’re going to be my wife. A bikini or me?

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The couple’s differing worldviews remained a contentious issue. Mohamed was displeased when Yve suggested they take part in a fire ceremony to purge “the negative energy” between them.

Yve revealed in her confessional from the July 2022 show that “fire rites are utilized extensively in Native American civilizations to cleanse and purify.” Similarly, “let go of things that may have been challenging or hard.”

Her partner, however, felt quite the reverse of what she intended.

I disagree strongly with Yve’s worldview. Why don’t we just ask God for the things we want? What I mean is, fire and wishes are completely unrelated,” he admitted. I don’t agree with the way Yve and her pals presumably practice their religion.

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Yve is an Albuquerque, New Mexico native and single mother. After Mohamed snuck into her direct message (DM) section, the yogini and acupuncturist fell for him. She found himself smitten by his six-pack abs after perusing his shirtless Instagram posts.

The series portrays him as “wanting a lady like his mother,” suggesting that he would be difficult to connect with romantically. The 90-Day Fiance couple Yve and Mohamed appear to have broken up.

Are Yve And Mohamed Still TogetherSource: Hiddenremote

It seems like things have ended between Yve and Mohamed. Finally, at the end of Season 9 Tell All, Yve revealed that she had learned about the texts. Those transmissions were unmistakable. As simple as that, all Mohamed wanted was his Green Card. When he finally got his hands on it, he planned to abandon Yve.

In the interview that followed “Tell All,” Mohamed attempted to apologize, but it was too late. It would appear that Yve has abandoned him.

But Yve’s nightmares are far from over. She has been charged with battery and assault on a household member, and her court date is set for Tuesday, September 6th, according to People. Upon the revelation of the affair, Mohamed accused Yve of beating him.

That Yve’s supporters have speculated that this is a trick on Mohamed’s part to remain in the country comes as no surprise. On August 15, police were called, however, Yve has continued to post to Instagram without commenting on the charges.

According to InTouch Weekly, Mohamed left his home on August 14 to stay with friends. The couple has separated but has not yet filed for divorce.

I was wondering if you had a reaction to Yve and Mohamed’s story on 90 Day Fiance. Leave your comments below with your opinions.

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