BTS Jimin Is All Set To Release His First Solo Album: Everything About The Album

This new chapter finds the septet focusing on separate endeavors suited to their best talents while members of BTS eventually enlist in South Korea’s mandated military service. BTS Jimin is next on the release schedule following the albums by J-Hope (Studio Album Jack in the Box), Jung Kook (Collaboration with Charlie Puth on “Left and Right” and the 2022 FIFA World Cup song “Dreamers”), Jin (Single “Astronaut”), and RM (Debut Album Indigo).

The talented dancer, newly appointed worldwide ambassador for Dior, and bearer of a distinctive falsetto has recently announced the March 24 release of his debut EP, Face.

For the BTS singles “Lie” (2016), “Serendipity” (2017), and “Filter” (2020), Jimin was the lone vocalist. His debut solo single, “Promise,” was published in 2018 (co-written by him) and was followed by “Christmas Love” in 2020.

Jimin worked with singer Ha Sung-woon on “With You,” the soundtrack to the TvN drama Our Blues, in 2022. This year, in January, he featu

red on and co-composed the single “Vibe” for Big Bang member Taeyang, which peaked at No. 76 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Although the other members of BTS have already launched successful solo careers, Jimin’s debut solo effort, Face, has been anxiously anticipated by ARMY. It’s time to see what Jimin will do on this new path and what colors he’ll bring with him. Take a look at what we know about Face in the meantime:

BTS Jimin Co-wrote The Album’s Five Of Six Songs

The singer’s reputation as a lyricist and composer has been rising. Therefore, more songwriting and composing credits bearing his name were anticipated. Thankfully, Face will provide us with five songs—including the title tune, “Like Crazy,” and its English version—where he had a hand in the creation process.

The tweet below shows BTS Jimin FACE Tracklist:

The album’s title track and its opening track, “Face-off,” both feature contributions from bandmate RM. Pdogg, EVAN, and GHSTLOOP, all of whom have worked with BTS before, were also engaged as producers for the album.

Jimin Will FACE Himself

BTS Jimin

Weverse, a global fandom life site, was where BigHit Music revealed that “Face is all about Jimin facing himself head-on as he gets ready for his next move as a solo artist.” As part of the press release, they said that BTS Jimin “would present his unique musicality with distinct tone and excellent dancing performance.”

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The Pre-Release Track “Set Me Free Pt.2” Alludes To Agust D’s “Set Me Free”

On March 17, fans will be treated to Jimin’s pre-release song “Set Me Free Pt.2,” and the official title track will follow shortly after. Its “Pt.2” suffix has led fans to assume that it will serve as a sequel to Suga’s 2020 single “Set Me Free” (released under his Agust D alias).

There will be two versions of the album available on CD and vinyl: Invisible Face and Undefinable Face (plus a special Weverse Albums edition). To see your own reflection on the cover, the preview image of the book proposes a glossy, reflecting substance like a mirror. Water ripples obscure the title, which is written in a bold sans serif font.

The post below shows all details about Jimin FACE album

The listener is enticed to explore the subject further by the phrases “circle of resonance,” “reflection of fragile minds and unexposed scars,” and “an echo, tremor, and little movement to reach out” that appear at the album’s footer.

Resonance is a common phenomenon in the natural world, wherein an object’s natural tone or frequency is amplified by the addition of a second vibration. Jimin’s use of the resonance phenomena in his own expression suggests that his entire life has been leading up to this moment, and that his every action has consequences that extend beyond infinity.

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