Jamie Foxx’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Make in a Year?

Eric Marlon Bishop is better known by his stage name, Jamie Foxx. Eric Marlon Bishop has had one of the most diverse jobs out there, and Jamie Foxx’s net worth shows that. He started out as a comedian, then took over TV, and finally won an Oscar for his role in Ray in 2004. He’s also had a few hit songs.

Jamie Foxx’s Net Worth

American actor, director, singer, and comedian Jamie Foxx has a $170 million net worth. Jamie is one of the most sought-after and well-paid stars in Hollywood. He can act, sing, write, and produce, among other things.

In the early 1990s, Jamie Foxx started out as a stand-up comedian. His versions of famous people like Bill Cosby and Mike Tyson quickly made him famous. Because of his talent and charm, TV producers noticed him and gave him his first big part on the sketch comedy show “In Living Color” in 1991. After that, he had his own show, “The Jamie Foxx Show,” which ran from 1996 to 2001.

How Much Does Jamie Foxx Make a Year?

Jamie Foxx’s annual income changes from year to year based on the projects he works on. However, it has been reported that Jamie Foxx makes around $16.67 million a year. Well, for a year’s work, that’s not bad!

How Much Does Jamie Foxx Make Per Movie?

Jamie Foxx is a very popular actor, which means he is also one of the best paid. Some people say that Foxx can make up to $12 million per movie. But this may depend on the project and how much money it has.

How Much Does Jamie Foxx Make in a Year?

Jamie Foxx's Net Worth

As was already said, Foxx makes about $16.67 million a year. If you ask us, that’s pretty cool.

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Does Jamie Foxx’s Time in the Hospital Affect How Much Money He Has?

Even though it’s true that health care costs a lot, it doesn’t seem like the actor’s bank account will suffer too much while he’s in the hospital. He should be mostly covered as long as he has good insurance. He may not be able to finish as many projects which will mean less money flowing in, but that’s also unknown as of now.

Real Estate

Jamie paid $930,000 for a house in Tarzana, California, that was 5,400 square feet and was built in 1997. In June 2008, he sold this house for $2.23 million.

Jamie paid $10,500,000 in March 2007 for a 40-plus-acre home in Hidden Valley, California. The large rural estate has a main house that is 17,000 square feet and has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, as well as several other living structures.

There is a pool big enough for the Olympics and a basketball court big enough for the pros with stadium seats. It’s hard to say how much Jamie’s house, which has an address in Westlake Village, is worth, but it’s probably worth more than $20 million.

In January 2016, Jamie helped a man out of a burning car that had crashed near his Westlake Estate. The driver, who was 32 years old, was stuck inside and almost certainly would have died if Jamie hadn’t done what he did.

Jamie heard the crash from his car, called 911 then ran to the accident. He cut the driver’s seatbelt with a pair of scissors and pulled him out of the car. A few seconds later, the truck blew up.

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