Jeremy Renner Death Rumors: The Truth Behind #RIPJeremyRenner Trends

The new false death rumors surrounding Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner are now buzzing on the internet, where he is recognized for playing the popular character of Hawkeye in the Marvel movies. You’re absolutely right. The Twitter hashtag #RIPJeremyRenner is rapidly growing in popularity as rumors spread that the actor was killed in an escalator accident.

But if you want to know the truth, keep reading. A few months ago, Jeremy was seriously injured in a snow-plowing accident. However, news of his recovery was widely disseminated online, and he even participated in interviews and public events while using a wheelchair to promote his new web series, Rennerventions.

Let’s circle back to the hoax reports that Jeremy Renner had died. On Twitter, one person who had fallen for the hoax wrote, “Jeremy Renner was an inspiration to me to continue acting and treating loved ones (especially spouse) with the kindness and respect they need.. an empathetic and kind man had descended from this world yesterday… #RIPjeremyrenner.”

A huge internet uproar was caused by the hashtag “#RIPjeremyrenner,” and his devoted following became understandably concerned for his well-being. On the other hand, another Renner supporter took to his Twitter account to deny the rumors’ veracity.

The user captioned the photo, “#RIPJeremyRenner – On the contrary, a quick online search will establish that actor Jeremy Renner is very much alive and well. The worst part about social media is how many liars and people without critical thinking skills there are in the world.

The tweet below verifies the death of Jeremy renner:

Another one commented, “Exactly. #JeremyRenner was injured by a snowplow and had multiple surgeries to repair broken bones, etc. but he is alive and recovering.”

One of Jeremy Renner’s fans commented on the same thread, “I’m sure it will be corrected by either Elon Musk (not that he’s busy or anything. Haha!) or by Twitter staff soon, but this is why I always do a quick Google search when a celebrity “death” is trending to see if a death date was posted or if a valid news site has the story.”

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