Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating? A Look Back At Lexi Rivera’s Past Romances

Lexi Rivera a Los Angeles-based American social media sensation with 6.80 million YouTube subscribers and 18.5 million on TikTok. The 5’6″ (19-year-old) Lexi Rivera weighs 52 kilograms and has a body mass index of 25. Her parents’ names are John and Laura Rivera.

Her mom stays at home while her dad runs a business. Blake Rivera, Brent Rivera, and Brice Rivera are four brothers and sisters who have become internet celebrities. Lexi has a 34-inch bust, a 25-inch waist, and a 32-inch hip measurement. The shade of her hair goes well with her emerald eyes.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating?

There are rumors that Lexi is dating a popular YouTuber and internet celebrity. From a video Lexi uploaded with the caption “MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND,” viewers think that she and Andrew are dating and that Ben is her new boyfriend.

Her ex-boyfriend Ben Azelart was tricked into thinking she was dating Andrew by showing him the video, according to the allegations. But she has not stated whether or not they are dating.

Here below, you can watch the “My Ex Meets My New Lover” video:

YouTube video

Since her breakup with Ben, Lexi Rivera has kept her personal life, including her dating life, private. The internet celebrity instead devotes her time to posting additional updates for her fans. Contrarily, the mystery surrounding her relationship with Andrew has piqued the interest of her audience.

A Look Back At Lexi Rivera’s Past Romances

Ben Azelart

According to rumors, Lexi met Ben Azelart in 2017, just around when Amp Studios was founded and creators began signing contracts with the company (b. Jan. 10, 2002). Ben said that for the first six months after the meeting, they didn’t say anything. In 2018, though, they found they had much in common and started dating.

From 2018 and 2020, the two were frequently featured in each other’s social media posts and Brent Rivera‘s videos.

In November of 2020, Lexi posted a YouTube video to their channel titled “We Broke Up” to announce their separation. One broke the fourth wall and said it was tough to pretend everything was perfect for the camera. They stated, however, that the split was amicable and that the underlying reason was less dramatic than it seemed at first.

They then detailed how their relationship evolved, explaining that their facades of joy and optimism for the camera were an act. They reached a point where they couldn’t keep up appearances any longer.

And they said they were so young when they started dating that they’ve moved on and are now better off as friends. They lamented not being able to strike out independently in their early 20s.

In their final statement, they promised to remain friends even after the breakup and that they would be open to dating again if the stars aligned. Here you may watch the video where they broke up.

Andy Davila

A Look Back At Lexi Rivera's Past Romances

The writer Andrew Davila frequently collaborates with Lexi, and there have been suggestions that the two are connected. Although they may be dating, neither person has publicly acknowledged it.

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