Magnus White Cause of Death: How Did The American Cyclist Die?

On Saturday, a cyclist from the United States named Magnus White, who was only seventeen years old and was supposed to compete in the next world championships in Scotland, passed away. What led to the unfortunate ending of his life? In the following paragraph, we will talk about that further.

Magnus White Cause of Death

On Saturday,Magnus White was struck by a vehicle on a training ride that killed him close to his house in Boulder, Colorado. White was from the state of Colorado.

Magnus White Cause of Death: How Did The American Cyclist Die?

In a statement released on Sunday, USA Cycling confirmed his passing.

White was a rising star in a variety of fields, having won a junior national championship in cyclocross in 2021 and earned a spot on the United States national team.

He participated in races with the squad in Europe in the lead-up to the cyclocross world championships the previous year, and he was selected to compete for the United States in the cyclocross world championships held in the Netherlands this year.

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This season, White tried his hand at both road cycling and mountain riding for the first time. When the tragedy took place, he was participating on one of his final training rides before competing in the junior global mountain biking championships in Glasgow, Scotland. His brother Eero and his parents Michael and Jill are the only ones who will remember him after his passing.

According to a statement released by USA Cycling, “He was a rising star in the off-road cycling scene,” and “his passion for cycling was evident through his racing and camaraderie with his teammates and local community,” the statement continued. During this incomparably trying time, we would like to extend our most sincere condolences to the White family, as well as to his teammates, friends, and the whole Boulder community.

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