Nicole Brown Simpson Death: Who Really Killed Her?

Nicole Brown Simpson was the mother of O. J. Simpson’s children Sydney and Justin, Nicole Brown Simpson was best known as the wife of the former professional football player and actor O. J. Simpson. On June 13, 1994, her body and that of her friend, 25-year-old American restaurant waiter Ron Goldman, were discovered in her Los Angeles, California, home. O.J.  Lot of people asked about Nicole Brown Simpson Death. What Really happened to her? who killed her?

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Nicole Brown Simpson Early Life: What High School Did She Go To?

On May 19, 1959, Nicole Brown Simpson entered this world. She was born in Frankfurt, West Germany. She is a military brat whose German mother and American father reared her. Her father was a reporter for the military newspaper Stars and Stripes, and he was based in Frankfurt. Nicole and her sister were born in Frankfurt, Germany, and raised there until their parents chose to move the family to the United States, settling in Garden Grove, California.

Her parents had two additional kids after moving there. The blonde had little trouble adjusting to life in California and ended up being crowned homecoming queen at her Dana Hills high school. She supposedly did well in school as well.

Nicole Brown Simpson Personal Life: Why Did Her Breakup With OJ?

Nicole Brown Simpson Personal Life: Why Did Her Breakup With OJ?

When Nicole Brown was eighteen, she got a job as a server at the Daisy, a Beverly Hills nightclub frequented by the city’s high rollers. In 1977, she began dating O.J. Simpson after meeting him at work. OJ’s first wife was pregnant at the time, and they were still married. By 1979, the couple had already separated. Simpson had retired from the NFL and married Nicole by 1985. In that year, they had their first kid.

Their second kid was born three years into their marriage. Brown was reportedly a doting mother who frequently turned her nannies’ assistance. She was the type of mother who liked to get “her hands dirty” while helping raise her kids.

Nicole enjoyed time with her kids, but her relationship with OJ deteriorated rapidly. Later, witnesses including friends and family members stated that she had been abused repeatedly and that they had frequently observed mysterious injuries on her body. It has also been said that Simpson cheated on Nicole countless times. O.J. threatened to kill his wife in a famous incident in 1989. In the end, he got away with a no contest plea on a charge of domestic violence.

Nicole stood her ground and demanded a divorce in 1992. Her father allegedly persuaded her to stay married to OJ so that he might profit from Simpson’s investments.

Simpson and Brown got back together after their divorce was finalized, and they maintained their aggressive pattern of behavior toward one another. Simpson reported she was going to be beaten in a 1993 9-1-1 call. After the cops showed up there, Nicole left the house for good, marking the end of their romance for good.

Affair Resolved in a Divorce
OJ claimed to be worth $10.8 million in 1992 when he and Nicole split up. In today’s currency, this would be equal to around $18 million. His Brentwood mansion, which he bought for $650,000 in 1977 (about $2.5 million in 2016 currency), was responsible for about half of his total wealth. OJ’s 1992 monthly salary was $55,000, as stated in the divorce settlement.

His endorsement deal with Hertz was responsible for the bulk of the money. After adjusting for inflation, that’s the equivalent of $92,000 every month, or around $1.1 million per year. O.J.’s divorce settlement with Nicole included a $10,000 monthly child support payment and a one-time payment of $433,750 (about $730,000 after adjusting for inflation). In addition to the car, O.J. gifted Nicole a rental property in the San Francisco area.

During their divorce trial, it came to light that OJ had been having an affair with a lady named Tawny Kitaen and had gifted her with numerous pieces of jewellery.

Nicole Brown Simpson Net Worth: Was She Rich?

When she was murdered in 1994, American celebrity Nicole Brown Simpson had a net worth of $1 million. In 1985, she wed former NFL player O.J. Simpson, who became a major part of her fame. While Nicole was mostly recognised for being a trophy wife, she also became well-known for launching a successful interior design firm.

Nicole, then only 18, met Simpson when she was working as a waiter at a Los Angeles nightclub. They tied the knot in 1985 and were together till 1992. Sydney Brooke and Justin Ryan were their children. On June 12, 1994, Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally killed in Nicole’s Brentwood, California, home. For years, O.J. Simpson’s alleged involvement in her murder dominated international headlines. Later, he was cleared of criminal charges but judged responsible for Goldman’s death in a civil trial.

Nicole Brown Simpson Death: Is Murder Mystery Solved?

Let us talk about Nicole Brown Simpson Death.

After moving into her new Brentwood house in 1994, Brown was brutally murdered outside. Both her and her buddy, Ron Goldman, 25, were discovered dead. She suffered seven stab wounds in her head and neck, the largest of which had severed her jugular. She nearly lost her head because of this wound. There were defensive wounds on her hands as well.

O.J. Simpson stood trial for the double murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. This trial, which began in early 1995 and lasted nearly a full calendar year, was a major event of the 1990s. There was much debate regarding the verdict. There was a mountain of evidence implicating Simpson in the murder. After learning of Brown’s death, detectives hoped to contact Simpson so that he could retrieve the children. Nonetheless, Simpson’s behaviour became increasingly bizarre over the subsequent weeks, and he attempted to evade capture once authorities filed an arrest warrant. Robert Kardashian, Simpson’s attorney, presented a public letter that many mistook for a suicide note.

After that, OJ made an attempt to evade capture by driving away in a white Ford Bronco. A former coach gave chase to him in a car and talked him out of killing himself. At the outset of the trial, this was interpreted as undeniable proof of Simpson’s guilt. He had a history of domestic violence, the prosecution said, and he killed her when she decided to leave the relationship. Simpson’s hair and blood were discovered at the crime site and on the instruments of murder. The defence claimed that Simpson’s sports injuries rendered him incapable of committing the crime and that the DNA evidence against him had been improperly handled. An attorney for O.J. Simpson is infamous for saying, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” in reference to the glove that was worn during the murder.

OJ was acquitted of all charges. In spite of Brown’s parent’s best efforts, he was awarded exclusive custody of the kids. In 2008, O.J. was incarcerated for armed robbery.

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