Chicago Air Quality is Currently The Worst In The World

Once more, Canadian wildfires are having an impact on the United States, this time in the Midwest, where air quality warnings have been issued for the whole area.

On Tuesday, hazy, smoky skies were recorded over Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio cities.

Chicago Air Quality

According to tracking website, Chicago had the worst air quality in the entire world on Tuesday. All age groups are classified as having “very unhealthy” air quality in the metropolis, which is reminiscent of the unhealthful skies over New York metropolis a few weeks ago.

A video of the Chicago with Pollution all over the state:

Brandon Johnson, the mayor of Chicago, stated that the city is “carefully monitoring and taking precautions.” “We advise avoiding strenuous activities and limiting time outdoors for children, teens, seniors, people with heart or lung disease, and women who are pregnant,” Johnson said in a statement on Tuesday.

Chicago Air Quality is Currently The Worst In The World

Chicago residents were urged to minimize their time outside after the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency issued an air quality alert that is in force until Wednesday at midnight.

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Detroit Had The Second Worst Air Quality

Tuesday’s air quality in Detroit was the second worst in the entire planet. For Tuesday and Wednesday, the National Weather Service issued air quality warnings for northeastern Illinois, northwest Indiana, and all of southeast Michigan.

On Wednesday, poor air quality is anticipated in New York City due to “incoming winds,” according to Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams stated that persons with sensitive health issues, such as those who have respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, are particularly at risk from poor air quality. Tomorrow, either bring a KN95 or N95 mask with you, or make arrangements to stay indoors if possible.

This month, an orange haze covered significant metro regions, including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., due to emissions from nearly 400 wildfires burning in Canada.

Approximately 29,000 square miles of land are currently burning in eastern and western Canada, which is more than the combined area that burnt in 2016, 2019, 2020, and 2022, according to Reuters, making this year’s wildfire season in Canada the worst on record.

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