Who Is Rob Dyrdek Wife and How Did They Meet?

Once a professional skater, Rob Dydek is now well-known for his roles as a TV host and “reality” show star. Thanks to his lengthy tenure at MTV and his business endeavors, he amassed wealth beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Rob isn’t your typical A-lister, but he’s nonetheless quite famous because of his appearances on a wide variety of TV shows and his endearing persona.

Fans were less than impressed when they learned how Rob met his wife and learned more about her past.

Who is Bryiana Flores, Rob Dyrdek’s wife?

Bryiana Dyrdek is currently most well-known as the wife of professional skateboarder and TV personality Rob Dyrdek. However, she had already been having an interesting life before she met the man she married and was still known as Bryiana Flores.

The woman who would later be known as Bryiana Dyrdek was diagnosed with a fatal illness when she was just 10 years old. Bryiana, now an adult, has revealed what it was like to be always ill after learning she had a blood condition at an early age.

Things seemed so hopeless that the Make-A-desire Foundation traveled all the way to Bryiana to grant her desire. Bryiana’s strong will to survive and discover her life’s meaning was, no doubt, a key factor in her success.

Years after almost escaping death, the woman now known as Bryiana Dyrdek won a beauty contest. She entered beauty contests and ended up being a fashion model.

Rob Dyrdek and His Wife Bryiana Noelle Flores Met at a Party

Rob Dyrdek and His Wife Bryiana Noelle Flores Met at a Party

According to In Touch Weekly, “Rob met the model while attending an event in 2013 and instantly felt a connection to the beauty.” This seems to be the “official” explanation for how Rob met his wife.

The couple met in a public place and got married in 2015, but their story isn’t exactly as straightforward as that.

Bryiana revealed the truth about the origin of their relationship.

Bryiana elaborated on the details of her and Rob’s first encounter in an interview with Carrie Doll, which was then uploaded to YouTube.

“[Dyrdek] started following me on Twitter, and then he started DMing, and then he started texting me and asked if I wanted to hang out,” Bryiana explained. She laughed at this point, saying she wasn’t going to be “another one” of those, and wasn’t going to let Rob “break” her. She noted that she’d heard stories, but didn’t elaborate on the rumors about Rob’s past prior to their meeting.

However, Bryiana did provide some additional detail about how she and Rob met, saying, “I was posting about an animal shelter in Bakersfield that was going out of business so they had to find new homes… so he was like, ‘I was thinking we could take a helicopter and save some puppies,’ but I didn’t know him well enough to know that he was joking.”

In fact, Rob did arrive in a helicopter, and their first “date” together consisted of volunteering at an animal shelter to find loving homes for the shelter’s residents’ strays.

However, Bryiana noted that Rob was late, and she almost believed she was being catfished. Less than two years after the meeting, the couple tied the knot.

The post below shows when Rob proposed to Bryiana:


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The Occupation of Bryiana Noelle Flores?

After finishing high school, she entered the modeling industry and quickly rose to prominence, eventually becoming Miss Teen of the Nation and Miss California Teen in 2008. No information about her family or childhood is provided.

In addition to her work as a model, she is the president of Iconic Beauty, a company that specializes in cosmetics and personal care items, and the chief executive officer of Iconic Wine Beauties.

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Did Rob Dyrdek Cross A Line In Flirting With His Now-Wife?

Meeting someone through direct messages (DMs) and developing a meaningful connection is not unprecedented in today’s world. Fans were surprised to discover that Rob Dyrdek had met his future bride on social media and apparently inundated her with direct messages, texts, and other forms of communication in an effort to get a date.

The fact that Dyrdek is 17 years older than his wife makes the situation even more uncomfortable.

Rob would have been about 38 and his wife about 21 when they first met in 2013. The age difference is awkward, yet comments on the YouTube interview with Bryiana are full of “awws” about the pair’s connection. Particularly considering that Rob was already a professional athlete when his wife was born.

Rob and his wife seemed to have a happy marriage, despite the fact that their age difference was noticeable.

They may have met under unusual circumstances, but now that they’re both older and have children together, it doesn’t seem to matter that much that they’re so different in age.

Of course, there are many who think the couple’s wedding is a bit much, but it sounds like they got off to an exciting start with the manner they met.

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