Who Is Dylan Meyer? Get To Know Everything About Kristen Stewart’s Screenwriter Fiancée

Before getting engaged in 2021, Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer began dating in 2019. Dylan Meyer has been in Hollywood for quite some time, but she didn’t become widely known until 2019 when she started dating Kristen Stewart of the Twilight series.

Meyer, the daughter of Oscar-nominated screenwriter Nicholas Meyer, has a long list of acting and writing credits to her name and most recently co-wrote the screenplay for the upcoming coming-of-age comedy Moxie, which will be produced by Netflix and star Amy Poehler.

Meyer and Stewart first met in 2013 on a movie shoot, and after reuniting through a mutual acquaintance a year later, their relationship blossomed quickly.

When Stewart met her, “it was like all bets were off,” he stated on The Howard Stern Show in November of this year.

Who is Kristen Stewart’s rumored fiancé, then? Find out everything there is to know about Dylan Meyer and her engagement to the actress, including the countless Instagram tributes she has received.

Dylan Meyer Has Worked In Film And Television As A Writer

Meyer has written for films such as Loose Ends (2015) and XOXO (2016), both of which star Sarah Hyland.

She has also contributed to the TV show Miss 2059, a science fiction thriller about a girl who finds herself in a hazardous galactic tournament. Meyer’s writing chops were most recently on display in the March 2017 Netflix feature Moxie.

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Dylan Meyer Is Also A Director

Dylan Meyer has also tried her hand at acting and directing. The Death and Return of Superman (2011), Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling (2015), and Jem Reacts to the New Jem and the Holograms Trailer (2017) are just a few of the short films on her IMDb page (2015).

Dylan Meyer And Kristen First Met On A Movie Set Several Years Ago

Stewart mentioned her 2006 meeting with Meyer on a movie set during her 2019 interview on The Howard Stern Show. At a mutual friend’s birthday party, Meyer and she reconnected after years apart.

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All bets were off the day I met her, Stewart recalled. “When she showed up at a friend’s birthday celebration after I hadn’t seen her for six years, I was like, “Where have you been? How have I not recognized you?” We had met years before in a movie, and I was shocked to see her again.

She has been a part of my life in Los Angeles, but our paths have never crossed.”

Dylan Meyer And Stewart Have Similar Quirks And Interests

In reference to her relationship with Meyer, Stewart said, “It was so blatant” during her interview with Howard Stern.

Dylan MeyerSource: People

“We both have an intense connection to our hometown of Los Angeles. We’re both scumbags in our own way. As kids, we were both convinced that we were trolls. Both the same and different, we are. The woman is a writer, and a talented one at that “The actress gushed over him.

Together With Stewart, Dylan Meyer Is Producing A Television Series

Stewart announced her collaboration with Meyer on a new TV show, in which she will feature, in the 28th annual Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair. Stewart and Meyer reportedly wrote the pilot episode in under two weeks.

During this process, “we discovered a superbrain,” as Stewart put it. I mean, seriously, she’s a fantastic scriptwriter.

She also mentioned the potential dangers of working with your partner, stating, “You don’t want anything to undermine this lovely connection you have.”

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