Who Is Ryan Shawhughes? All About Ethan Hawke’s Wife

Ethan Hawke’s Hollywood career has lasted longer than almost anybody else’s. Ryan Shawhughes, the man he’s been married to for more than a decade, has also been there for the Dead Poets Society star.

Although they were not romantically linked at the time, Hawke and Shawhughes first met when she was the babysitter to his children from his previous marriage to Uma Thurman. After he separated from Thurman, they got back together and started dating a year later.

The couple welcomed daughters Clementine Hawke and Indiana Hawke in 2008, and they wed in June of that year.

Hawke discussed his and Shawhughes’ connection in a 2009 interview with The Guardian. During that time in his life, he was “very careful” and “desperately wanted to stay unmarried.” “But unfortunately, unexpected things do occur at times.

For the record, my feelings for Ryan have grown immensely recently. The simple line is that we get along famously. We both hail from the same hometown, as your grandmother most doubt informed you.”

She has always been an extraordinarily reasonable, no-bullshit woman, and frankly, I thought that would be good for a half-madman like me,” he continued of Shawhughes.

Ethan Hawke has a wife, but who is she? Learn all about Ryan Shawhughes and her partnership with the actor right here.

Ryan Shawhughes Is A Producer And Actor

During the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 21, 2022, in Cannes, France, Ethan Hawke and Ryan Hawke of the documentary series “The Last Movie Stars” attended a screening of “Triangle Of Sadness.”

Ryan Shawhughes, much like her husband, is involved in the entertainment industry. However, she does so as an actor and producer rather than a performer. In 2006, Hawke directed a film based on his novel The Hottest State, in which she had a minor role.

The sixth episode of the Hawke-directed TV documentary The Last Movie Stars included her as the subject in July 2022. (she produced the fifth episode as well).

She also produces films and television shows, such as First Reformed and the Ethan Hawke-led drama Blaze. She won both a Peabody and an Emmy for her work as an executive producer on the Netflix special The Good Lord Bird.

Under the Influence Productions, which Hawke co-owns with Shawhughes, describes itself as “developing and creating content for projects in the art and entertainment industry, including film, theatre, and literature.”

Shawhughes is not only an actor and producer but also the company’s vice president. Blaze, Camino Real, and The Last Movie Stars are just a few of the movies that this studio has produced.

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Ryan Shawhughes First Met Hawke As A Nanny To His Kids

When Ryan Shawhughes was caring for Hawke and Thurman’s children, Maya and Levon, Hawke, and Shawhughes met for the first time. In an interview with The Guardian, Hawke said that the couple didn’t start dating until years after she had stopped working as a babysitter.

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“I met Ryan through my literary agent, and she was one of Maya and Levon’s nannies on a film shoot,” he added. “Ryan only worked for me for a little time before she decided to return to Columbia University.

No one ever thought or did anything shocking back then. The years that followed saw the breakdown of my marriage owing to a variety of factors that had nothing to do with Ryan.”

After breaking up with Thurman, he and Ryan met at a park and hit it off immediately. People may picture us as having a “Sound of Music” romance, but by the time Ryan and I fell in love, it had been years since he had hired her.

Ethan Hawke And Ryan Shawhughes Have Been Married For A Long Time

Hawke and Shawhughes were married in an intimate ceremony in New York City in June 2008. Hawke spoke about his hopes for his second marriage in an interview with Elle published in 2013.

“My first marriage was a huge learning experience,” he remarked. There is no way to know how to share your life with another person until you know yourself.

Ethan Hawke And Ryan Shawhughes Have Two Children Together

Clementine Jane Hawke was born to parents Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes on July 18, 2008. Before birth, a close relative said, “I expect that they should be extremely good parents.” “They have an affection for both children and one another, as well as for one another. In my mind, they must be overjoyed.”

Ryan ShawhughesSource: People

Hawke praised Shawhughes as a fantastic mother in an interview with The Guardian. She has been a lovely, happy new mother, a great stepmother, a real instrument of healing in our family, and a much-needed companion for me, he said.

the couple was expecting their second child in April 2011. In the summer of 2011, they became the proud parents of a daughter, Indiana Hawke.

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