Who is Gerrit Cole Wife? Everything About Amy Cole

Many people are looking to know about wife of Gerrit Cole. Here we have covered everything related to her and when did the couple start dating each other. Continue reading to know everything about their relationship.

Who is Gerrit Cole Wife?

Long before making his debut as a professional pitcher on the mound, Gerrit Cole was married to Amy Cole (formerly Crawford). The pair met while they were UCLA students and members of the baseball and softball teams for the Bruins.

After dating for a while, Gerrit and Amy got married in 2016, and three years later, Gerrit signed a historic $324 million, nine-year contract with the New York Yankees. In January 2020, not long after the Coles arrived in New York, Amy made her pregnancy public. On June 30, 2020, the couple welcomed their baby, Caden Gerrit Cole.

Gerrit and Amy made the announcement that they were expecting their second child in September 2022.

Cole, our youngest child, will soon move into our house! Due during the ball drop,” Amy jokingly stated on Instagram.

On January 2, 2023, the couple gave birth to Everett Cole, another boy.

Then who is the Yankees’ star pitcher’s spouse? Here is all the information you require regarding Amy Cole and her marriage to Gerrit Cole.

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When Did Gerrit And Amy Met?

Amy and Gerrit met while they were both UCLA athletes, and they fell in love in college.

“I remember thinking she was the prettiest girl I had ever met and I wanted to get to know her,” Gerrit later recalled to Inside Weddings.

When Did Gerrit And Amy Met?

Initially, the two became close friends while working out together in the weight room in the morning. It would take Amy more than a year before she agreed to a date after Gerrit’s approach. The future MLB pitcher’s romantic gesture eventually convinced her otherwise.

“Gerrit drove an hour and a half after a wedding simply to help me move into my new flat. He walked up with a bouquet of roses for her birthday when my mother and I were present, Amy told Inside Weddings. That was the day I made the decision to accept his previous year’s invitation to a first date.”

On university, they were quite the sporty couple. Amy played softball and was a part of the UCLA squad that won the 2010 Women’s College World Series. The baseball team’s budding star at the time, Gerrit, would later become the first player from UCLA to be selected first overall in the MLB draft.

Amy moved to Los Angeles after graduating, while Gerrit relocated to the East Coast to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It didn’t take Gerrit long to come to the realization that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with: “Life was a lot better when she was around,” he remarked.

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