Who Is Tom Hiddleston Dating? Tom Hiddleston’s Dating History

A romantic man! As he dates while in the public glare, Tom Hiddleston’s love life has garnered media attention over the years. Let’s read about Who Is Tom Hiddleston Dating?

Who Is Tom Hiddleston Dating?

Tom Hiddleston, a major figure in Hollywood, recently proposed to actress Zawe Ashton. Although Hiddleston is notoriously private, he told the LA Times, “I’m really thrilled,” to confirm the engagement.

“Everyone is entitled to a private life,” Hiddleston told The Telegraph in 2017. “There is no tension between the two goals, art, and entertainment, in my mind, and I do what I do because I enjoy it. I have a public career and a personal existence. And there is no connection between the two.”

Ashton announced her pregnancy to Vogue in June 2022, just days before she was scheduled to walk the red carpet at the New York City premiere of her film Mr. Malcolm’s List. Us Weekly claimed the couple had a baby in secret in October of 2022.

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Who Is Zawe Ashton?

Zawe Ashton was born and raised in London, the daughter of a Ugandan mother and a white British father, both of whom worked as educators. She told the Guardian, “my parents are my favorite comedy double act.” She believes they are responsible for her witty personality.

Her maternal grandfather, Paulo Muwanga, was the de facto president of Uganda in May 1980 and the prime minister in August 1985. She comes from a political family.

The tweet below shows the Tom Hiddleston with Zawe Ashton:

Despite her small stature, Ashton always knew she wanted to be an actress. “It is quite unusual to be a very tiny person and know what you want to do,” she once commented. She got her training at both the Anna Scher and Manchester Schools of Drama.

She is also a talented poet, having taken first place at the London Poetry Slam in 2000. Both her first play, Harm’s Way, and her second, Happy Toys, were nominated for awards at the 2007 and 2014 Verity Bargate festivals, respectively.

Ashton has starred in several notable films and television shows, including Dreams of a Life with Jack Nicholson and Jake Gyllenhaal and the Netflix horror thriller Velvet Buzzsaw. Ashton will play the role of Julia in Mr. Malcom’s List and the antagonist in The Marvels, a Captain Marvel film.

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Tom Hiddleston’s Dating History

Scroll through to revisit the actor’s complete dating history:

Susannah Fielding

Whilst filming the BBC series Wallander in 2008, Hiddleston and Fielding crossed paths. After three months of dating, they broke up.

Jessica Chastain

Chastain said in InStyle UK in February 2013 that she was done with other actors because she was “so terrified out that someone was going to take a picture of us, since they were famous,” despite the fact that they never acknowledged their affair.

Jane Arthy

In 2013, the two were briefly linked. Hiddleston had previously told GQ, “One day I hope when there’s actually something to write home about, then I’ll be able to discuss.” he acknowledged “the fascination” surrounding the romance.

Elizabeth Olsen

Who Is Tom Hiddleston Dating

Relationship speculations began to circulate between Hiddleston and Olsen after they collaborated on the 2015 film I Saw The Light. A source told Us exclusively after they were pictured on multiple occasions, “The tone is relaxed. Although they are apart, they make sure to stay in touch through text messages.”

The WandaVision star put an end to rumors in September 2015, telling Refinery29, “We’ve known each other for the better part of four years, so it’s safe to say that we’re good friends. And we were having dinner at the incorrect hour at a restaurant. There is a group meal tonight.”

Taylor Swift

The Emmy nominee and the actress met at a pre-Met Gala dinner at Anna Wintour’s house in 2016 and went on to have a very brief but intense romance. Suspicions of a romantic relationship began in June 2016, and the pair lasted until they broke up in September of that year.

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