Who Is Pedro Pascal Dating? Have A Brief Look At Pedro Pascal Dating History

There can be no debate about who the “daddy” of the internet is; Pedro Pascal. The 47-year-old actor, who shot to fame thanks to his roles in Game of Thrones (GOT) and The Mandalorian, is currently co-starring with Bella Ramsey, another GOT alumna, in The Last Of Us.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the 47-year-old Chilean actor joked that he “knows” he’s a hottie. While being monitored by a lie detector, he also claimed that when he’s feeling low, he’ll check out Pedro Pascal’s Instagram accounts.

Actor Pedro Pascal said “Me!” when Graham Norton questioned, “What’s internet daddy?” during his appearance on the actor’s talk show on Friday (24 February).

Pascal, the self-proclaimed daddy of the internet, has never spoken publicly about his personal life. Who does he date, then? Everything you need to know is listed here.

Who Is Pedro Pascal Dating?

At this time, there are no rumors that Pascal is dating anyone, thus he is likely not in a relationship. He is being extremely careful about his alleged relationship.

Pedro Pascal Dating History

Let’s go back in time and remember the people he’s been associated with through the years.

Robyn Tunney

Who Is Pedro Pascal Dating

Robin Tunney and Pedro Pascal walk the red carpet.

As of 2012, actress Robin Tunney was engaged to interior designer Nick Marmet.

An actress recognized for her appearance on The Mentalist was linked to Pedro in 2015. They attended several red carpet events in 2015, including the Emmys, and were frequently pictured getting dinner together.

Despite widespread assumptions to the contrary, it appears that their relationship was strictly platonic.

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Lena Headey

A photo of Headey and Pedro Pascal that he posted on Instagram.

In 2014, Pascal and Headey, who he worked with on “Game of Thrones,” became linked. Pascal was cast as the Dornish prince Oberyn Martell, while Headey played the power-hungry Cersei Lannister.

They have never publicly acknowledged their marriage.

Pascal reportedly said, “Lena is one of my [favorite people],” in a Reddit Q&A, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Because “she is so hilarious and so brilliant, and such a good person, and such a good friend, and such a fantastic mother, that I think everyone on that set and everybody who gets in contact with her develops an instant love on her,” “Furthermore, he said.

Whichever gender you are, it won’t take much to develop feelings for her.”

Headey also posted a selfie of the pair, describing it as “sunshine love” because they seemed so affectionate.

Dan Cadan, the father of her daughter Teddy, was her first long-term companion after that; she then married American actor Marc Menchaca in October 2022.

Dizzia Maria

According to a report in The Sun, a British newspaper, Dizzia, and Pascal dated in the early ’90s. Pascal played Tito Cabassa, the partner of a drug-addicted prostitute named “Sugar,” and she played his love interest on an episode of Law & Order (Dizzia).

Dizzia is a British playwright’s wife, and she’s most famous for her part in Orange Is the New Black.

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