A Man From Oregon ‘gave’ Cash to Strangers by Throwing $200,000 Out His Car Window

On Tuesday, an Oregon man was detained by police after he tossed hundred dollar bills from his car window into a busy highway to “gift” to random drivers. According to a press statement from the Oregon State Police, officers got many calls Tuesday evening PT at about 7:30 concerning bills “floating” on busy Interstate 5 near the south end of Eugene, some 120 miles south of Portland.

Several cars apparently stopped in the road, and their occupants got out to grab the money, which witnesses said was in $100 bills. Colin Davis McCarthy, 38, is accused by police of being the man behind the free money who told them he wanted to “gift the money.”

His confession to police was that he had thrown around $200,000 in cash out of his automobile window. “because it was causing a significant traffic hazard,” the police told McCarthy to cease throwing the money. According to the statement, he was “cooperative” and willing to stop.

An Oregon Man ‘gifted’ Money to Strangers
An Oregon Man ‘gifted’ Money to Strangers

It appears that motorists picked the road clean of any cash left behind, and police are not considering criminal charges against McCarthy at this time.

“Motorists did a thorough job of gathering the loose money as troopers were unable to locate any further currency after the incident,” police said in the release. “Troopers followed up the next morning and were still unable to locate further bills along the roadway.”

The police agency warned locals to “avoid the temptation to go looking for money along the highway.” “These searches create a hazardous condition and put both the searchers and motorists at risk,” they added.

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