Double Shot At Love: Are Vinny and Akeila Still Together In 2023?

Double Shot at Love was released 6 months ago. After filming the second season’s finale in Sin City, the network decided to order a third. we will read about Are Vinny and Akeila Still Together in this article.

The next season followed the same formula as the first, except this time there was only Vinny Guadagnino on the prowl. After Pauly D. DelVecchio and Nikki Hall got together in Season 2, they were there in Season 3 to help Vinny find love.

Fans came in week after week to watch as these 17 women did their best to turn this eligible bachelor’s relationship status from “Single” to “Giving love a chance.”

Only Erika Devito, Emily “Peachy” Piccinonno, and Akielia Rucker remained by the end of the series, the last remaining women in Vinny’s life. There was speculation amongst viewers about whether or not the MTV celebrity would truly start dating one of the women, so giving the network a better chance at a Season 4.

Vinny looked set on choosing Peachy at first, but in the end, the Chippendale host and dancer asked Akielia, a travel nurse, if she was interested in giving the relationship a go and seeing where it went. Many supporters wished the couple would commit to each other permanently. Then, did it? What we do know is listed here.

Who Is Akielia Rucker?

The third season of A Double Shot at Love ended on December 9, 2021, with Akielia Rucker as the winner. She was “the one” for Vinny, therefore he picked her out of all the contestants.

Are Vinny And Akielia Still TogetherSource: The Cinemaholic

Akielia is a travel nurse and model who has amassed over 34,000 Instagram followers under the handle @realakieliabreonia.

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Vinny Made His Season Three A Double Shot At Love Decision, But Who Did He Pick?

Akielia, or “Big A-K,” boasts about her victory in the third season of Double Shot at Love in her Instagram bio. For the last round of Double Shot at Love, Vinny could choose from Peachy, Erika D, and Akielia.

Vinny’s comments about Akielia’s intelligence and his mother’s approval may have influenced his final decision to marry her.

In the final episode, Vinny said about Akiela, “I don’t want to be hurt here,” and that she doesn’t seem interested in him or “lovey-dovey.”

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Are Vinny and Akeila Still Together?

Several months passed after Double Shot at Love Season 3 concluded before Vinny and Akielia were able to meet each other in person again. In what state do the two currently find themselves?

Vinny and Akielia are not together at the moment. The Jersey Shore star took to social media just one day after the series finale aired to let his fans know if the couple was still together.

Shared on Vinny’s Instagram stories “It took place seven months ago, yet the finale you saw last night was only recently aired. So far, ‘AK’ and I have managed to maintain communication.

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We are not romantically involved, but I now count her among my closest friends since she is awesome. He went on to say that he had an “open heart and mind” going into the season in the hopes of finding “his person.”

Vinny said that it’s been hard to make a real connection because of the show’s style. Writing on speed dating, he called it a “crazy social experiment” to try to pair individuals off in just a few weeks.

To avoid spoiling the show’s denouement, “[you] are then required to not physically encounter the person you picked for seven months” (until the finale).

He went on, “I enjoy that it entertains people.” “While it can be a good place to begin your search for love, it is by no means a foolproof method. You won’t find me on any TV shows, but I promise I’m a real person! However, I am always willing to take a risk.

Here’s hope MTV gives Vinny a fourth chance at love by renewing the show.

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