Ron DeSantis Net Worth: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Shows Significant Financial Growth

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a prominent Republican presidential candidate, has disclosed his financial status for the year 2022, revealing a net worth exceeding $1.17 million (or $1.17M).

His financial position saw substantial improvement following an advance from HarperCollins to write his bestselling book, “The Courage to Be Free.” DeSantis reported an income of $1.25 million (or $1.25M) in his 2022 statement for the book advance and $141.4 thousand (or $141.4K) for his salary as governor.

The Success of “The Courage to Be Free”

Ron DeSantis Net Worth

Governor DeSantis’ second book, “The Courage to Be Free,” proved to be a significant milestone in his financial journey. Released in February, the book became a bestseller, allowing him to tour the country and lay the groundwork for a potential presidential campaign.

While copies were generously distributed at his events nationwide, the book’s success provided a substantial income boost. DeSantis reported an impressive $1.25 million (or $1.25M) in income from the book advance and an additional $141.4 thousand (or $141.4K) from his governor’s salary in 2022.

Ron DeSantis Net Worth

As of December 31, 2022, Governor DeSantis reported a net worth of $1.17 million (or $1.17M). His financial portfolio includes $54.7 thousand (or $54.7K) in a Florida Retirement System account and $91.7 thousand (or $91.7K) in a federal Thrift Savings Plan account.

Notably, DeSantis decided to accept a pension as governor, contrasting with his rejection of a taxpayer-funded pension as a US House member in 2013, stating he didn’t run for Congress for the perks. Moreover, he holds $1.05 million (or $1.05M) in checkings and savings accounts, signifying his prudent financial management.

Comparison with the Previous Year

The disclosed net worth of 2022 represents a significant jump for DeSantis, compared to his reported net worth of $318.9 thousand (or $318.9K) at the end of 2021. Although relatively modest in comparison to his predecessor, US Senator Rick Scott, DeSantis’ financial growth is noteworthy.

Rick Scott, a former healthcare executive, reported a net worth of $255 million (or $255M) in his final year as governor, along with additional assets disclosed by his wife when running for the US Senate.

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Blue Collar Roots and Background

On the campaign trail, Governor DeSantis has highlighted his humble beginnings, growing up in middle-class Florida suburbia as the son of a nurse and a Nielsen box installer. He emphasizes his decision to join the Navy after graduating from Harvard Law over other opportunities, presenting himself as a representative of blue-collar values.

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