‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ the Season 2 Finale and Our Unresolved Questions

On August 18, the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty came to a close, and it’s safe to say that things became even more convoluted than before. This coming-of-age series delivers as promised, with a wide range of issues and situations that will keep viewers engaged. It’s been a wild adventure that keeps on going from start to finish.

Everything you might want in a program is here: the classic love triangle, dealing with loss, and personal growth. However, at the series’ conclusion, a few questions remained unsolved, and many viewers are eager for clarification.

For a quick summary, “Love Triangle” (the finale) focuses on brothers Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) and Belly (Lola Tung) as they embark on a somewhat lengthy road trip to deliver Belly home safely as promised.

Conrad has just witnessed his brother and Belly sharing a passionate kiss, so there is a palpable air of tension during the entire car ride.  Since the roads are closing because of the bad weather, they have to share a motel room, which just adds to the awkwardness of the situation.

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Conrad puts on a brave front and assures the pair that everything will be great, even though Belly insists that she wants to remain with Jeremiah. In addition to these three, we also witness the blossoming of Laurel’s (Jackie Chung) confidence and the budding romance between Steven (Sean Kaufman) and Taylor (Rain Spencer).

After weeks of speculation, viewers finally know who Belly choose in the end. However, several concerns have still to be resolved.

Where Does Conrad Go From Here?

Conrad, who is carrying a heavy load, received no tender loving care in the series finale. He pretended like watching Jeremiah and Belly kiss on his car didn’t bother him at all, asking a number of off-putting questions throughout the subsequent ride. Even though things weren’t working out between them, he still loves Belly, and he acknowledges afterwards that he was attempting to break them up.

Jeremiah urges Belly to tell him how he really feels during a heart-to-heart conversation between the brothers to find out if Belly still cares for him. They do exchange some words, but not enough to give Conrad the response he was anticipating. Therefore, he prepares to leave and bids farewell when the time comes.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ the Season 2 Finale and Our Unresolved Questions

Conrad is a complicated guy who’s had to deal with a lot of hard stuff on his own, and he needs help. He has been experiencing a wide range of emotional difficulties, from panic attacks to loss to love. He relaxed a little bit in Season 2, which was great to see, but it was obvious that things wouldn’t magically improve once the brothers reclaimed the family home.

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The second season concludes with him returning to the previously mentioned residence and putting everything back where it belonged, including Belly’s cherished stuffed animal. How he will respond to his brother and Belly in the future is a mystery.

He is probably heading to Stanford to study pre-medicine, where he can develop himself in peace. Is there any chance that his feelings for Belly haven’t changed? Alternatively, will he find new interests?

Where Will Life Take Belly?

Earlier in the season, Belly met with her guidance counselor to discuss her deteriorating academic performance and her plans for the future. She also makes trips to Finch College and Brown University (where Conrad studies). Belly’s post-high-school plans are a mystery, however she may end up at Finch, where she can finally pursue her lifelong dream of playing varsity volleyball.

In addition to Belly’s academic future, we are curious as to the romantic and familial paths her life may follow. At the end of the season, she says, “the future is unclear, but it is still mine.” In other words, not even she knows where she is going next. There is no way of knowing if she will pick Finch or if she and Conrad will remain friends.

What About Aunt Julia and Skye?

Since Julia (Kyra Sedgwick) sold the beach house, she is the antagonist in the Fishers’ and Conklins’ eyes. Since the house only brings back unpleasant memories, she tries desperately to abandon it and start fresh. She may not have been close to her sister Susannah (Rachel Blanchard) or been present for her as her condition deteriorated, but as the season goes, we see that she never stopped caring about her.

It turns out that Julia is experiencing pain, too. The events in their family have made her feel so guilty that she hasn’t even tried to contact her ailing sister. Thankfully, Laurel is able to talk mom out of selling the house and they can once again call it their own. In addition, Skye (Elsie Fisher), Julia’s kid, has recently joined the crew.

After spending time with the group, Skye begins to relax and become more outgoing. Their first kiss was with Cameron (David Iacono), which was unexpected yet sweet. In the seventh episode, they say their goodbyes and head back to their respective homes. It’s not certain if they’ll be back for Season 2, but we can always hope!

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Will Laurel and Cleveland Get Back Together?

The fact that Cleveland (Alfredo Narciso) traveled all the way to New York just to see Laurel raises the question of whether we will see more of these two authors together, given that they share a lot in common and have great chemistry, given that they had a little fling back in Season 1.

Their friendship was seldom touched upon this season, though Steven and others did make brief references to Cleveland. Cleveland has hopefully not made its final appearance on the show.

What About the Letters?

In the concluding episode, there was a flashback to a time when Laurel and Belly paid Susannah a visit. When Susannah goes inside, she starts penning notes to Belly and the lads. Unfortunately, the letters tumble on the floor, and Laurel scrambles to sweep them up and re-envelope them.

This may not seem like a big thing, but the way they seemed to fixate on it for a while piqued my interest. Is there a chance that the wrong person will read the letters if they become jumbled up? It would become a problem the next time we see the characters if that were the case.

Amazon Prime members may now watch both seasons of The Summer I Turned Pretty. The show was also picked up for a second season, though we don’t know much else about it just yet.

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