Who is Damian Lillard Wife? Unveiling the Woman Behind the Basketball Star!

After being out for most of the previous year with a serious abdominal injury, NBA great Damian Lillard has been on a tear so far this season and is on pace to win the MVP award. Lillard had a good start to the previous year’s season, but he was sidelined early in the new year with an injury that required surgery. As a result, he was unable to play the rest of the season for his team.

Who Is Damian Lillard Wife?

Kay’la Hanson went from being Damian Lillard’s girlfriend to his wife during the course of his injury struggles during the previous season. Despite the fact that this season was the first time since his rookie year that the team failed to qualify for the playoffs, things were going swimmingly in his relationship.

Who Is Damian Lillard Wife?

The couple has been together for a considerable amount of time now. Damian Lillard’s wife is his partner. The couple has been together for ten years and throughout that time they have managed to conceive and raise three children. After receiving his degree from Capella University, Hanson reportedly worked in a leadership capacity within the healthcare industry for a period of six years.

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In addition, Hanson is involved in the real estate and business investment industries. Her manicure business, which she runs under the name DIPPED, was highlighted by the regional news outlet the previous year as one of the top Mother’s Day presents available in the Portland metropolitan area.

In spite of the length of time the two have been together, there has been little information provided regarding her parents or her childhood outside of her time at college.

She has been in this relationship with her spouse for such a long time that she has had an amazing front-row seat to her husband’s success. The newlywed Mrs. Lillard is going to have plenty of amazing memories as she watches her husband rip it up on the court because there are no indicators that he is going to slow down any time in the near future.

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